News about the Play Fair 2008 Campaign
Play Fair Launched in French-speaking Belgium
Wednesday, 06 February 2008

At a launch event February 6th in Brussels François Gourmet (a potential member of the Belgian Olympic team for the decathlon event) and Bea Diallo (coach of the Belgian national boxing team) show their support for the Play Fair campaign in French-speaking Belgium, where the campaign is called "JO Propres". For more information on the campaign,  which is supported by a diverse coalition of 29 organizations, see .

photo: Alexandre Seron - copyright Campagne Vêtements Propres

Play Fair Campaign Launched in Finland
Monday, 04 February 2008

The Play Fair campaign was launched in early February in Finland, receiving extensive major media coverage. To mark the launch, Finnish activists baked their own Chinese-style fortune cookies - with a Play Fair message inside --  to be sent to members of the Finnish Olympic committee and Finnish Olympic athletes. The athletes and Olympic Committee members also received copies of a research report published by FinnWatch on Finnish retailers' and sports brands' social responsibilities. In addition to the report, Finnish campaigning materials include free postcards and postcards featuring the Play Fair labor rights fuwas.


Response to Beijing Olympics’ Organizing Committee statement on labour rights violations
Thursday, 02 August 2007

ImageFreedom of Association is the key.

Play Fair 2008,  the international campaign organized by ITUC*, ITGLWF *, the Clean Clothes Campaign and their affiliates and partners  worldwide, appreciates the fact that  BOCOG and the Chinese authorities have acted upon its "No Medal for Olympics on Labour Rights" report.  BOCOG has confirmed widespread use of overtime for three of the suppliers, and the use of underage workers as well as contract violations at the fourth, Lekit Stationary. In addition to obligatory excessive overtime our report however also provides detailed evidence of workers being underpaid (for overtime as well as regular working hours), of health and safety regulations being ignored, dubious hiring practices, lack of legal maternity leave and a structural lack of safe channels for workers to report their grievances.


IOC Must Raise its Game says Play Fair 2008
Friday, 15 June 2007

The International Olympic Committees' (IOC) response to Monday's report exposing severe exploitation of Chinese workers making Olympics merchandise is seriously inadequate, according to the authors of the report, PlayFair 2008

Campaigners call on Beijing Olympics Committee not to Cancel Factory Contracts
Monday, 11 June 2007
ImageThe PlayFair 2008 campaign group has reacted with deep concern at media reports that the Beijing Olympics Organising Committee is planning to  cancel contracts with companies highlighted in this week's report "No  Medal for the Olympics on Labour Rights". PlayFair 2008 calls upon the IOC to not stand by and let the Beijing Olympics Committee cut and run from these factories and leave workers in the lurch; instead the IOC should engage in positive action to improve conditions for workers producing goods bearing the Olympic logo.
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