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Road Map for IOC Action on Workers’ Rights PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Key Elements – Road Map for IOC Action on Workers’ Rights in Production of Olympics Merchandise

  • An IOC Code of employment standards
  • Creation of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) function within the IOC at senior level
  • Development and application of criteria for Candidate Cities
  • Development and application of contract language (IOC/Host City)
  • Discussions with Host Cities already selected to ensure they meet the standards set out in the contract language
  • CSR function to develop a pre-assessment questionnaire for potential licensees
  • If prospective licensees can demonstrate that their facilities have been audited by a credible organization and methodology and reports can be made available, this precondition has been met
  • If prospective licensees cannot demonstrate that their facilities have been audited as specified above, they should be audited against a credible methodology.
  • Decision would then be made re: award of license
  • MSI to be contracted to conduct the audit
  • Arrangements to be made to ensure appropriate training on workers’ rights for workers and their trade union workplace representatives
  • Oversight Committee to be established including PlayFair Representatives
  • IOC/MSI discloses locations of suppliers and presents a compliance report summarising situation in all merchandising locations (expected to be between 50 - 75). Therefore a manageable number
  • Where complaints emerge MSI to be engaged – report to oversight committee with right of appeal – precise details still to be developed
  • IOC to ensure that NOCs adopt this system