Questions and answers about PlayFair 2008

What can the companies that supply sportswear, athletic footwear and Olympic logo goods do to help ensure respect for workers rights in the global sportswear, athletic footwear and sporting goods industries?


PlayFair 2008 believes that suppliers should:

  • Put in place a functioning industrial relations framework[1] to ensure working conditions that comply with international labour standards and national labour legislation, whichever provides greater protection for the workers concerned.
  • In every instance ensure that work performed in their respective supply chain is performed under the protections provided by a recognised employment relationship and internationally recognised labour standards [2]
  • In case goods are sourced from homeworkers, brands and suppliers should respect the basic rights of home workers as provided in the ILO Convention on Homeworking (C177).

[1] as evidenced by a well organised workforces represented by recognised and trained independent trade union representatives engaging in grievance and disputes resolution and periodic but regular collective bargaining with the management of those facilities consistent with the principles laid down in ILO Conventions 87 and 98.

[2] for a definition of the recognized international labour standards Cf. JOIN Code .  Play Fair 2008 emphasizes that workers performing this work, either time rated or piece rated, should do so as a part of a regular contract which pays a living wage for a standard working week that does not exceed 48 hours