Questions and answers about PlayFair 2008

Wednesday, 12 May 2004

What can sportswear brands do to help ensure respect for workers rights in the global sportswear, athletic footwear and sporting goods industries?

Play Fair 2008 believes that sportswear brands, and any other companies that seek financial gains from the Olympic Games, should:

  • Adopt sourcing policies that require suppliers and their sub-contractors to respect internationally recognized labour standards.

  • Address, as an integral part of their sourcing policy, the negative impacts that their purchasing practices can have on labour practices and working conditions in their respective supply chains.

  • Raise their own standards and their expectations of other companies in the sector in ending exploitation and abuse, and upholding, as a minimum, national law where not in violation of relevant internationally recognised labour standards.

  • Take immediate and positive steps to ensure specifically that the right of workers to form and join trade unions and to collectively bargain is respected throughout their respective supply-chains.

  • Maintain production in unionized1 facilities, and when expanding production, give preference to locations where trade union rights are respected in law and practice.

  • Undertake concrete steps to address the living wage issue (ensuring suppliers do not hold worker deposits, and pay wages on time).

  • Inform the public about the working conditions in which the products that they market are made and be fully transparent with respect to all business operations and arrangements affecting labour practices and working conditions.

  • Disclose the identity, location and country details of all their supplier factories.