Questions and answers about PlayFair 2008


What should the International Olympic Committee (IOC) do to help ensure respect for workers rights in the global sportswear, athletic footwear and sporting goods industries?

Play Fair 2008 believes that the IOC should:

  • Make it a condition for future Olympic games events that the host country must have ratified, implemented and respected the core ILO conventions.

  • Require that, as a contractual condition in its licensing, sponsorship and marketing agreements, labour practices and working conditions involved in the production of IOC branded products comply with internationally recognized labour standards.

  • Commit resources to undertake proactive investigations of working conditions and to establish mechanisms for ending abusive and exploitative labour practices in IOC and NOC supply chains, including substantiated complaints.

  • Commit to promoting publicly the necessity to end the exploitation and abuse involved in the sportswear and athletic footwear industries.

  • Ensure that respect for workers rights is an integral part of the Olympic Charter and of the IOC Code of Ethics.

  • Support efforts to ensure respect for workers’ rights in other aspects Games related employment.